The orchestra leaders

Hymne is an independent Swiss brand offering a collection of drinkable alicaments. Behind Hymne’s skilful scores is a mother-daughter duo in search of harmony, composed by Sandra Neri and Althea Mani.

Throughout her years of practice in Geneva, Switzerland, Sandra Neri, naturopath and nutritionist, has formulated, adjusted and identified effective compositions, in the form of powders or mother tinctures, to respond to the main concerns of her patients.

After having worked in press relations and events, her daughter, Althea Mani, decided to use her expertise and experience in mycotherapy.

Her ambition? To give access to as many people as possible to the treatments she has enjoyed since she was a child, and which she also gives to her children on a daily basis and with success.

It is bound by a complicity and a holistic vision of well-being that they imagined Hymne, bottles that are beautiful and simple to use, innovative and minimalist, in consonance with their balanced, demanding and responsible lifestyle, which resonate as a real counterpoint to the existing treatments in dry form based on the properties of mycotherapy. “When we co-founded Hymne, we wanted to offer food supplements that look good, taste good and are easy to take, but are also effective and high quality, and suitable for children and adults alike,” explains Althea.

Nature - Une mère et ses filles en forêt
Nature - Un père et son fils dans un champs
Swissmade Partition
Unique compositions

Formulated in Geneva after many tests and years of development, Hymne cures are elaborated in a Neuchâtel laboratory with raw materials from organic European agriculture. The scientific expertise and health experience of each of the musicians who make up Hymne guarantee the quality of the finished product.

Les cheffes d’orchestre - Sandra Neri et Althea Mani

Hymne achieves the feat of capturing the properties of adaptogenic mushrooms (mycotherapy) in liquid form in recyclable glass bottles. Developed by health professionals, Hymne compositions follow a unique recipe that takes advantage of the fruiting process and does not expose the mushrooms to any filtration or heat treatment in order to preserve their high potential properties. GMO-free, allergen-free and free of toxic residues, Anthem cures are made with natural and organic ingredients. Gourmet aromas give the blends a flavor that appeals to the whole family. Anthem's products resonate because of their ease of use, their delicious taste and their versatility: they are within the reach of everyone, young and old, whether taken acutely or over the long term, in a preventive or curative manner. Translated with (free version)

Les cheffes d’orchestre - Sandra Neri et Althea Mani

Our powerful commitments and founding values


Quality is at the heart of the Hymne range: quality of the ingredients from Germany, effectiveness of the formulas, purity of the bottles… It is expressed in every way to accompany young and old in a holistic quest for well-being and harmony. From our formulas to our packaging, we are in constant search of excellence.


Hymne is committed to formulating clean and environmentally friendly products. Our adaptogenic mushrooms are organically grown in Europe, our recipes are based on 100% natural raw materials and our bottles are made of recyclable glass, in line with a more sustainable and harmonious lifestyle.


The strength of Hymne cures lies in their effectiveness and their deliciousness. The first liquid formulations based on the properties of mycotherapy, our cures are distinguished from their dry counterparts (powder or capsules) by their ease of use and their delicious lemon or cocoa flavors, which appeal to young and old alike.


Hymne accompanies young and old in their quest for well-being and harmony of body and mind. Although they are not restrictive, Hymne cures are designed to fit into a modern, demanding and responsible lifestyle. They are intended for all those in search of well-being and harmony, without requiring any particular adjustments to daily life.


Hymne cures have been formulated after years of research and experience to provide a highly effective experience for young and old alike, while fitting perfectly into everyone’s daily life. The formulations have all been subjected to precise analyses, endorsed by health professionals and an experienced Swiss laboratory.


The aim of Hymne cures is to go to the essential. It is in this spirit that we have constantly sought purity in the development of our products. The purity of the ingredients; the purity of our recipe, which does not expose the mushrooms to filtration or heat treatment; and the purity of our packaging, to which we have taken infinite care and which in itself bears witness to the transparency that is so important to us.