Recette Boost Automnal avec Hymne Hercule
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Fall Boost

The recipe to boost your immune defenses

🍁🍄Fall is here with all its treasures.

Let’s take advantage of what nature has in store for us during this colorful and warm season to feel our best.
At HYMNE, we offer you a punchy recipe made of seasonal vegetables and fruits as well as a pod of HERCULE💪🏼, a unique and natural formula made of adaptogenic mushrooms.

Ideal for boosting your immune defenses!

The ingredients of your vitality cocktail

The + : A double dose of HERCULE (30 ml)
A glassful of orange juice (20 cl)
A dash of carrot juice (10 cl)
A drop of lemon (4-5 drops)
A zest of ginger

Benefits of the Autumnal Boost cocktail

This healthy cocktail, full of antioxidants and vitamin C, is a precious ally to get through the cold season with pep and vitality. The + of the recipe is HERCULE . This formula is composed of Reishi and Agaricus. These two adaptogenic mushrooms, naturally filled with iron, magnesium and zinc, strengthen your immunity, help you fight against seasonal fatigue and contribute to the proper functioning of your nervous system

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